Brighton community fund

The Social Society will be raising funds for local food banks, community groups and those supporting the vulnerable with self-isolation packs and mutual aid. We will be following government and WHO guidance and plan on having food, supplies and funds given to those in need.

The Community Plan

From the 18th March 2020, The Social Society will be raising funds for food banks, and community groups supporting the vulnerable in this city. We will be giving funds directly to food banks in need of food and local independent charitable organisations who are struggling to support our Brighton community.  

To make this a reality we need your support.

Our fundraising target is £10,000

We believe passionately in community and joining forces as a collective to do good. With such a short turnaround following government guidance, it is clear that without community support many people will go hungry and we need to be ready to support in a way that is safe and in line with WHO guidance.

Our community proposal is set out below if you can help us please do.

Our Brighton community

We plan to raise funds to supply food banks across Brighton with enough food, toiletries and supplies to fulfil their current level of donations plus additional when required. We recognise that due to panic buying, food has been difficult to access therefore we plan to coordinate and support local projects in a number of ways.

  • Distribute funds to local food banks so they can purchase food and create food packages to be delivered/ collected safely in line with guidance.
  • Fund self-isolation packages with essentials for locals for pick up or collection in line with local guidance. Safe delivery may need to be considered long term.
  • Coordinate local WhatsApp groups via existing mutual aid groups and supply funds to those in crisis.
  • Support community groups actively supporting vulnerable groups with much needed funds.

Key Questions

What projects will you be supporting?

  • Brighton and Hove food partnership
  • Hangleton food bank
  • Whitehawk food bank
  • The salvation army
  • Trussel Trust food bank
  • Fareshare Sussex
  • Any other food bank/ community project locally in need of support

How will the funds get to the projects?

Each project can apply for a share of the total and will be paid directly at the end of the crowdfunder. We aim to ensure these groups have a steady stream of income to order in food safely for those in need. If we run past our target we will continue to fund the projects for as long as we are able.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions of other local groups you would like the support to go to, we imagine there will be many more groups needing support at this difficult time.

Eligibility criteria

You must be a local organisation whose main aim is to support the vulnerable through food sharing, distributing food and essential parcels and or a community group working to similar aims. We need to start somewhere and the above groups will be prioritised.

Can I also volunteer with food donations and self-isolation packages?

Whilst it is great that so many people want to support our mission to help protect the vulnerable in our community, we must do exactly that. Face to face contact is extremely scary for many even if you are healthy, it is also best practice for volunteers in the community to be DBS checked.

We all need to follow the WHO guidance and self-isolate as much as is possible right now, getting food to the vulnerable in the safest possible way is at the forefront of our minds right now. Please support us in doing this safely and effectively.

About Us

The Social Society is the UK's first social club for social good. We connect businesses and people with charities that need support. Our members offer their time, skills, expertise and much needed funds to local projects. We also run social events to reduce isolation and loneliness.

Thank you in supporting us in our mission to help the vulnerable in our community.