Combating loneliness through cake

Everyone loves cake right?

Join us this March for a pudding club with a difference. Here at The Social Society, we are all about reducing isolation and loneliness through our social events. Unfortunately, however hard we try, we are unable to reach every person in need of friendship or connection, this may be due to physical location or simply the individual not having the support network they may require to access the events in person.

This is where pudding club can help and we need your support.

We plan on live streaming a pudding club on the first Sunday of every month to everyone out there in need of tea, cake, coffee and above all friendship. Our live stream will incorporate a 360 degree webcam of the venue so you can see, hear and engage with all conversations happening in and around the event space.

Streaming the event in this way allows those in attendance and those watching the stream, to connect with people from wherever they are, home, coffee shop, community centre etc. Jump on to the stream and share your cake recipes, chat about your week at work or talk to us about whats happening in your local community. Be involved as little or as much as you like!

What we want to achieve ..

  1. To reach as many people nationally as we can. New friends, connection and ending loneliness is our aim here.
  2. To source tech buddies up and down the country who can provide IT support to others so they too can watch our streams from home or in their local community centre.
  3. To reach out to people in various cities who want to host our 'pudding club' stream in their own local village, town or home. We would like these amazing people to support others in their local area to join the monthly event and make new connections.

Nobody should go for long periods without seeing others, we believe that human connection is the key to strong communities and the key to happier healthier lives. Help us connect, join us each month, eat yummy cake and help end loneliness in the UK.

What you need to do to get involved

Spaces on this event will be limited to 15 places due to sound and filming requirements so RSVP for a free ticket asap. If you are unable to make the physical event for whatever reason, please let us know as soon as possible so others can join us. If you get a ticket to the event, bake a cake and bring it with you.

We will provide tea and coffee on the day so all we need is your good selves ready for conversation. For those of you in other parts of the country, hop on to the live stream with your cake (You can't go without the cake) and chat with us via the stream or simply watch. When live, if you can share the stream this would be super helpful so we can reach as many people as possible.

Our Partners

We are lucky enough to be supported by a number of local businesses for our first event, without them we couldn't make this happen.

PLATF9RM is a thriving business community in Brighton and Hove. They create contemporary workspaces that enable members to flourish through collaboration. They will be supporting us as a venue sponsor for pudding club with the upstairs of their beautiful co working space at Hove Town Hall, Brighton.

23 Digital masters of emerging technologies in visual communication, from filmmaking to virtual reality, drone scanning to time lapse. Their greatest skill is in applying these techniques to create uniquely compelling and immersive stories for clients in many sectors, putting them at forefront of Industry 4.0. They will be supporting Pudding club as a digital partner and making sure our sound and film at each event is tip top.


If you want to join us via live stream and host a pudding club in your local area, drop us an email at we would love to hear from you and get you started for the go live date of the 1st March.