Be kind, it's the new cool!


Join us on the kindness revolution. This isn’t about being cool, it’s about learning to put kindness at the heart of everything you do. Our one day workshop will give you the skills you need to give yourself a break and not feel bad about it. We’ll kickstart you on a route to being kind to yourself, kind in business and kind to the planet.  You’ll leave with practical skills that will help you stop, find clarity and understand where to redirect your passion to find purpose.

Between us we’ve got 24 years experience of working with people across community, behaviour change and story telling projects. We don’t preach, we share. We choose education over entertainment (well, most of the time, anyway) and we’re here to share what we’ve learnt along the way.


Meet Toni

Toni Finnimore is a charity consultant, pioneer of The Social Society’s social club for social good model, coach and event organiser living in Brighton. Yep, she’s a busy woman. Passionate about giving the vulnerable a voice and connecting communities, she’s spent the last ten years doing just that up and down the country, for a number of charities and individuals alike. She is a firm believer of supporting others to have a voice irrespective of your own values or belief systems and her best mate describes her as a ‘positivity powerhouse with batteries up her arse’. The perfect person to inspire others, no? Toni catapults herself into everything she does ensuring that she doesn’t let what other people think hold her back and she’s a woman on a mission to help others do the same.

Whether she’s supporting charities as they shake up the way they do things or helping women in business build confidence, kindness, community and connection is always at the heart.  

Toni’s motto: Learning to give less of a fuck about what other people think changes everything.


Meet Betty

Betty (aka Emma Lewis-Griffiths) has worked in communications for over 12 years, working on all sorts of projects from helping small independent community initiatives to global corporate campaigns define and share their story. She’s always loved connecting people that can help each other and bases everything she does on kindness.

Betty set up The Social Club in 2016, as she wanted to be able to help smaller businesses tell their story. She’s worked on all levels of campaigns since, from launching the Brighton & Hove Community Kitchen and Brighton branch of Honest Burgers, to launching Samaritans’ most recent suicide prevention campaign, Real People, Real Stories. Co-editor of Brighton lifestyle website Brighton on the Inside, she knows what’s happening in the city and loves connecting the people that make it what it is. Leading the marketing for Goodmoney, Brighton’s gift voucher scheme that keeps money in the local economy for longer, kindness and community is at the heart of everything she does… hence her desire to help other people take time to be kind to themselves, their colleagues and the planet.

Betty’s motto: Don’t be a dick.

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