Vision board your 2020

We had the very best time vision boarding our 2020 on Saturday

A creative and energetic bunch of social society folk joined us at Al Campo in Brighton for an epic session of visual goal setting and connection. We cut, snipped, glued and made a whole heap of mess. Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can possibly do. Olympic athletes have used visualisation to win gold medals and improve performance for decades, business leaders use it to reach their full potential, increase focus, reduce stress, find love, you name it visualisation is powerful.

So, instead of starting 2020 with a heap of unnecessary, unrealistic resolutions, we decided to start by creating our own unique, personal to us vision boards of kick-ass goals. The purpose of a vision board is about bringing everything on it to life, It's about setting yourself some really clear visual goals and dreams and going out and grabbing them!

All that came along had so much fun and the feedback was great, how have you started the new year?

Travel anyone?