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Letters with Love

Letters with Love - sending peace through the post over lockdown.

7.4m people in Great Britain reported their wellbeing affected by loneliness during the first month of 2020’s spring lockdown.

Through our Letters with Love campaign, The Social Society has sent handwritten letters to 100s of isolated people since the covid-19 pandemic began: each written by a local volunteering legend to let the recipient know they aren’t alone in a scary, objectively strange, world.

Download your letter with love here

Covid-19 has been ruinous for the performing arts industry:

Closing back alley theatres and cavernous concert sheds across the UK, whilst picking the wallets of the UK’s creative population.

This has inspired The Social Society’s founder Toni Finnimore to set off on a six-month #ShowsOnTheRoad tour.

Once restrictions allow, Toni will stop at fifteen UK cities and live-stream shows from her especially customised campervan - all presented by local performing artists.

She’ll also be stopping to help local charities and organisations, spreading The Social Society’s good word like a millennial and extremely non-threatening Pied Piper.

For more information on #ShowsOnTheRoad, to apply to play, or to offer Toni advice on surviving #vanlife, please email -