Emmaus is a global charity with local communities all around the world providing work and accommodation for the homeless

  • About the project
    • The Social Society is excited to be collaborating with Emmaus, a global organisation enabling people to move on from homelessness, by providing work and a home in a supportive, family environment.
  • How you can help
    • Business development support

      Support around business strategy

      Project based volunteering


      Research and customer engagement

      Marketing, communications and awareness raising

      Leadership and development training

      Coaching and mentoring for teams



  • More info about Emmaus
    • Emmaus Communities enable people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in a supportive, family environment.

      Companions, as residents are known, work full time collecting and reselling donated furniture. This work supports the Community financially and enables residents to develop skills, rebuild their self-respect and help others in greater need.

      It's a secular movement with 350 communities and groups spanning 37 countries, with 25 Communities in the UK. Each Community aims to become self-supporting, with any surplus donated to others in need.

      Companions receive accommodation, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance, but for many, the greatest benefit is a fresh start.

      To join a Community, they sign off unemployment benefits and agree to participate in the life and work of the Community to the best of their abilities.