Finding your voice, women in business

£ 320 GBP

Confidence has been proven time and time again to be equally as valuable if not more so than competence. A willingness to go after the impossible and a strong belief in the end goal leads to action, resilience and an unfaltering belief in yourself and your abilities. In a world where fear and imposter syndrome is around every corner, it's more important than ever to intercept those negative beliefs, reframe your thoughts and plan a journey for yourself that's full of confidence and self belief. Toni offers in depth consultancy to female entrepreneurs, specialising in community contracts.


In addition, you get six exclusive charity experiences and for the first twenty members a very special social society goody bag full of local swag.

Come along for an exclusive tour of the Bottega rooms, AudioActive's community recording studios.

Meet the families, volunteers and team behind the one of a kind memory making events in Brighton!

Coffee with an Emmaus companion. Hear the story of one of Emmaus companions, find out about the charity and the work they do to support homeless communities locally.

Attend one of TogetherCo's befriending groups and see the importance of human connection for yourself.

Spend the afternoon at one of The Real Junk Food projects community kitchens. Don't forget to bring your chef whites!

Come to a Gig Buddies social and hear about their work while having a party with a bunch of Gig Buddies at the same time.

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Finding your voice, women in business