Real Junk Food Project

Volunteer for The Real Junk Food Project Brighton who intercepts food waste to turn into healthy meals feeding the community, on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

  • About the project
    • We're providing The Real Junk Food Project Brighton with a support network that they can call on for their volunteering needs.
  • Skills required
    • Social Media

      Driving produce

      Kitchen support

      Food prep and cooking

      Food service

      Stock room organising

      Cafe set-up

      Pack down and washing up

  • More info about The Real Junk Food Project
    • The Real Junk Food Project Brighton is part of the Real Junk Food Project network, created by Adam Smith.

      It is a national and international movement of cafes, projects and pop-ups with one core objective: To intercept food waste destined for land fill and use it to feed people who need it, on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis.

      The innovative ‘pay as you feel’ concept encourages people to think about what that plate of food means to them, and value it in whatever way they can.

      By choosing not to segregate people based on financial circumstances we are able to not only fund the project, but do so in a way that does not patronise those who need it and those who want to support it.

      Those in need are not degraded or shamed for taking a free or cheap meal, likewise those who can afford it are not pestered into more and more donations.

      Everyone is equal in getting fed, it is up to the individual to pay what they feel.

Feed bellies, not bins.