Become a Social Society Member

What do members get?
  • Volunteering opportunities with our six local charities
    • Inside our community, you will get the opportunity to regularly volunteer with our Brighton projects. from painting the community youth centre, cooking at the community kitchen or supporting children with a terminal illness make lasting memories with their families.
  • Monthly supervisions
    • Each month we offer our active members online group supervisions around the voluntary work they are committing to with our projects. We offer this so each member is fully supported and project ready prior to supporting our charities on the ground floor.
  • Monthly members events
    • All of our members are invited to come along to our community events for free. We also have regular group meetings within our community such as change maker cafes to discuss how we want to improve the support we provide to our projects and community.
  • Member discounts
    • We have partnered with some amazing local business to get our members the very best discounts. From Jaldee's Jaldee's vegan delights, exercise classes that will knock your socks off to award winning Brighton restaurants, our members get it all.
  • Bespoke training
    • Our Brighton members get exclusive project based training so they are fully aware of the role and expectations prior to offering any form of support. We also have a range of online courses available for those that wish to learn about topics outside of voluntary support.
  • One to one mentoring
    • Inside our membership there is the opportunity for our members to have mentoring internally with a range of experts from within our community. Need support in work, life, love? We have the mentor for you.
  • A community that gives back
    • Whilst we run social events and have the most fun, our main aim is to shake up the way we contribute to our communities. We have a huge range of expertise out there in our Brighton community that can make a real difference to our projects. Come on in, offer your skills and join us