What do our local volunteering legends get with membership?

join our social club for social good.
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membership costs £11.99 per month and includes:
A network of UK charities looking for skilled local volunteers (aka you).
Free attendance to all Society Society events - minimum 12 per year.
Reduced isolation through our Social Society community.
Instant contribution to charities through our Social Society Fund.
No minimum term membership. Members are asked to commit between one hour and three days per week to volunteering placements.
join our social club for social good.
START YOUR 30-day free trial!

What skills are The Social Society’s local charities looking for?

Everyone has a talent - despite what our PE teacher used to say. Social Society charities are currently seeking local volunteering legends with the following skills:

Are you a charity and want to find out more?

By joining the social society you are supporting six of our Brighton charities both
financially and through skill sharing. By becoming a member you get access to our
members only online community, exclusive members events, local discounts, group
video hangouts and access to a range of tools and resources to support you volunteer
with our local charities.

Find your purpose; find your people.

Skill Sharing

We share skills, pledge time and expertise to support local charities.


We raise funds via our membership fees.


We run social events to reduce isolation locally.

Or sign up as a business!

If you are a business and want to support our charities by signing up your team members we would love to hear from you. There are also options to support us as an event, venue or corporate sponsor so follow the link below to find out more.


What they Say about Us


David Hillier

Member - Content and copywriter

“I’d been trying ages to find some local volunteering but there was always red-tape which put me off. Founder Toni linked me up with AudioActive and I was immediately helping them with a website rebranding project. I did a couple of hours per-week copywriting, and I’ve loved getting to use my skills for a fantastic, innovative cause in my local community. I can’t wait to help someone else!” .

Jessy Cook


Toni makes events inclusive and great fun. She is an easy person who makes everyone feel comfortable and to make the events even better, I know I'm helping my community too. A win, win.